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Soothing Healing Touch Massage is located inside Natural Healing Colon Hydrotherapy & Spa.

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  • Rehabilitate sport injuries

  • Reduce stress    

  • Increase relaxation

  • Helps fibromyalgia

  • TMJD joint pain

  • Paresthesias and nerve pain

  • Reduce headaches or migraine pain

  • Alleviating lower back pain

What are some of the benefits of healing touch?

Call us in advance to make your appointment with our experts. Whether you're worried about increasing your circulation, helping with joint pain, or just relieving your overall stress levels, we're here to give you the solutions you need. Give us a call today to get started.

What we'll do for you

We want you to feel stress-free and live pain-free. When you come in to see our specialists, we'll work with you to determine what your requirements are and customize your sessions to meet your individual needs.

Solving all of your body's problems

From reducing stress to relieving your pain, healing touch is sure to help you feel great.

  • Improve range of motion

  • Stimulate lymph flow

  • Exercise and stretch weak, tight and atrophied muscles

  • Release endorphins

  • Raise blood circulation

  • Relieve pain

  • Help chronic neck and back issues

  • Help hip issues

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October-November Specials

1-one hour massage      $39.95

ur ma1-one hour massage    $49.95

2-one hour massage    $100.00